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BEARD MOB moustache wax is all natural and carefully handcrafted to keep your moustache styled and looking fresh. We use the finest ingredients, including 100% organic beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil and premium essential oils. Our moustache wax is designed to provide a medium hold and is perfect for a natural style or even a handlebar moustache. We’ve added an SPF to our moustache wax, so that it can double up as lip balm.

Peppertree is a blend of premium peppermint and tea tree essential oils delivering an energizing scent. The peppertree blend is a fresh and crisp fragrance that will leave you with a cool, tingling sensation.

Peppermint essential oil:

  • eliminates dandruff
  • prevents clogging of pores

Tea tree essential oil:

  • treats minor wounds and prevents infection
  • alleviates itchy skin

Directions of use: Use your fingernail to scrape a small amount of wax out of the tin. Use your index finger and thumb to warm and soften the wax and apply to moustache for styling.